Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Thanks to the season changing, my sinuses have been acting up. Runny nose and sneezes greet me when i wake up. I was feeling like I was getting a cold today. So I spent my evening in bed with a big bowl of chicken soup. I used the chance to catch up on Hellcats. I saw the premire and now I am addicted to all the episodes that are online. It's turning into a pretty good show. Much more than just cheerleading.

Why do all the shows on the CW revolve around one blonde friend and one brunette friend? Like One Tree Hill Payton was blonde and Brooke was brunette. Gossip Girl has Serena (blonde) and Blair (Brunette.) Just a thought.

I also started to reread the Harry Potter novels. I can't believe they were first published when I was 12! Wow 13 years ago. I read them so fast the first time I didn't really take them in like i wish i had. So i'm rereading them so I can relive the magic. Plus it gives me something to read on the bus.

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