Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Still Here!!!

Wow how my life has changed in just a couple months! I'm living on my own now, an entire state away from my family. Having to maintain my own apartment is a learning experience. I've never had to do chores and suddenly having to do them all is eye opening. Man was I spoiled!
Also I was planning to bring my cats that are 19 years old. But sadly I had to leave them behind with my parents. It kills me everyday. But as luck would have it, my friend found a stray and I ended up adopting it. His name is Bowie (after David Bowie.) He is the sweetest, friendliest cat ever!

Ummm I bought a Mac laptop and love it! (i think this is brilliant, wish i were talented enough to draw that on mine.)
Also I attended a Twilight convention with a couple friends. I'm not a huuuuge fan but I do like the escape it offers. We stayed over night at a hotel for two nights and we got to meet some actors and actresses from the series. I fell in love with Michael Welch. He plays Mike Newton. He is a sweetheart. (i totally got caught grabbing his muscle :D)

Maybe I'll write another blog dedicated to the convention and pictures. It was definitely an experience. Going next year and am excited!
Other than that it's been all about settling into school life. Learning how to budget my money so I can pay rent and bills. FUN.
I plan to blog more now that I have an internet connection.

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