Monday, November 29, 2010


I went home for Thanksgiving. Spent a week visiting with family and friends.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, you get all the festivities of Christmas but no obligation and worrying over gifts. Just food and family :)
Saw three movies, Love and Other Drugs (**) Tangled (***) and Harry Potter (****) Those are my sad attempt at rating them. I liked Harry the best. It was dark, funny, mysterious, and epic.
While home I spent some time with my ex. I was able to visit with him on 2 of the 5 days I was home. I miss him more than i remembered. Now it will take a few days to get used to not having him near me. Then it will be like he doesn't exists until I see him next. So in a way he's still my drug and now comes the painful detox.
On another note, instead of going out shopping on Black Friday, I took 5 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army. I completely cleaned out my closet at my parents house. I got rid of all band tee shirts I hadn't worn since high school. I was a little skate punk back then. I put on my old pants and marveled in how much my style has changed.
Getting rid of old clothes is like shedding your old skin. I threw out a whole person! Choosing what to donate was tough but overall I feel lighter and more free.
I also created a tumblr here ---> :D hopefully the link works.
PS. My Chemical Romance's new cd is amazing! Sure the sound has changed but all great bands must evolve at some point. I found myself dancing to Planetary Go and I never thought I woudl find myself dancing to an MCR song. It's all good though.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You say i'm changing that i'm not just simply aging...

I have done things in the past year I thought I would never do. I have become a completely different person. I've changed but that doesn't mean its wrong. I believe if you have regrets it means you aren't happy with yourself. Everything you do leads to who you are. I've done some things I'm not necessarily proud of but I wouldn't change a thing. If anything I'm happy I can say I have had the experience.