Monday, November 29, 2010


I went home for Thanksgiving. Spent a week visiting with family and friends.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, you get all the festivities of Christmas but no obligation and worrying over gifts. Just food and family :)
Saw three movies, Love and Other Drugs (**) Tangled (***) and Harry Potter (****) Those are my sad attempt at rating them. I liked Harry the best. It was dark, funny, mysterious, and epic.
While home I spent some time with my ex. I was able to visit with him on 2 of the 5 days I was home. I miss him more than i remembered. Now it will take a few days to get used to not having him near me. Then it will be like he doesn't exists until I see him next. So in a way he's still my drug and now comes the painful detox.
On another note, instead of going out shopping on Black Friday, I took 5 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army. I completely cleaned out my closet at my parents house. I got rid of all band tee shirts I hadn't worn since high school. I was a little skate punk back then. I put on my old pants and marveled in how much my style has changed.
Getting rid of old clothes is like shedding your old skin. I threw out a whole person! Choosing what to donate was tough but overall I feel lighter and more free.
I also created a tumblr here ---> :D hopefully the link works.
PS. My Chemical Romance's new cd is amazing! Sure the sound has changed but all great bands must evolve at some point. I found myself dancing to Planetary Go and I never thought I woudl find myself dancing to an MCR song. It's all good though.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You say i'm changing that i'm not just simply aging...

I have done things in the past year I thought I would never do. I have become a completely different person. I've changed but that doesn't mean its wrong. I believe if you have regrets it means you aren't happy with yourself. Everything you do leads to who you are. I've done some things I'm not necessarily proud of but I wouldn't change a thing. If anything I'm happy I can say I have had the experience.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My past week

  • I got two micro-dermal piercings on my collar bone
  • Found a four leaf clover
  • Fell asleep in someone's arms
  • My David Bowie album is being mailed to me :)
  • Found out my cat Bowie has fleas :(
  • Discovered the joy of drinking juice straight from the carton
  • Got a bouquet of flowers delivered at my work
  • Bought my first store-bought Halloween costume.

Last year I did a Picture-a-Day project, i'd really like to start again. I think i'll start on Halloween..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Thanks to the season changing, my sinuses have been acting up. Runny nose and sneezes greet me when i wake up. I was feeling like I was getting a cold today. So I spent my evening in bed with a big bowl of chicken soup. I used the chance to catch up on Hellcats. I saw the premire and now I am addicted to all the episodes that are online. It's turning into a pretty good show. Much more than just cheerleading.

Why do all the shows on the CW revolve around one blonde friend and one brunette friend? Like One Tree Hill Payton was blonde and Brooke was brunette. Gossip Girl has Serena (blonde) and Blair (Brunette.) Just a thought.

I also started to reread the Harry Potter novels. I can't believe they were first published when I was 12! Wow 13 years ago. I read them so fast the first time I didn't really take them in like i wish i had. So i'm rereading them so I can relive the magic. Plus it gives me something to read on the bus.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Angel > Edward

I have finally finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched it when I was in high school, wow it's already been seven year since then... scary O_o. But I never saw the final two seasons.
Well over the past month I've been watching them. Putting in the final dvd was so bittersweet. I grew up with the Buffy/ Angel relationship. So when Twilight happened I was like "been there done that." not to say I don't like twilight, I just wish people would give some credit to Joss Whedon for writing Buffy.
SO yeah... I was happy with the ending. Not gonna lie... I got chills and cried a little bit.
The thing that made Buffy such a great show was even though she was chosen to be the "one girl in all the world" to fight vampires she still relied on her group of friends. They were side by side until the end. Also I loved the fact that they relied on lots of research and their hang out place was the school library. The bookworm in me loved that :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Done is better than perfect." So true. I waste so much time planning things out and stressing over details that it takes me forever to accomplish things. I need to learn to just jump in and do things, like homework, journaling, blogging... everything!

The ground is starting to crunch again with the fallen leaves of autumn and i love it. Fall is my favorite season. It's the time to break out the hoodies, drink warm drinks and tell scary stories. Wish i had someone to cuddle with on the cool, moonlit nights.

There's a boy in my class i like. It feels nice to have someone I can't wait to see everyweek. I find myself worrying about my hair and what to wear. It feels nice again :)

Eeeep i splurged on myself and ordered the special edition of My Chemical Romance's new album. I love that band so much. They never cease to amaze me. I miss going to their concerts and escaping from life for a couple hours. Hopefully they tour soon.