Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Collect the moments one by one, That is how the future's done..."

Summer is finally here. The weather has been beautiful and sunny. I've spent entire days outside reading. My favorite thing to do in summer is put on my shorts and walk around the house while listening to music. For some reason wearing shorts makes me feel carefree and confident.
Last week I went with some friends to the midnight premire of the Prince of Persia. My ex decided to join us. I was fine with it. Sometimes it's not fair though. Like when we arrived i could tell he had just showered and he smelled really good. It's such torture really. Then at the theater there weren't enough seats in a row so we had to split up. We sat in seperate rows and he didn't seem to mind. Before the movie started i needed to take a breather. At that moment it all seemed to pile on me. The fact we were sitting in the same room but not together. It was the first time we have seen a movie and not sat together. I got up and left the room. I was heading to the bathroom to be alone for a few minutes and just as i turned the corner i saw this :
I've been a casual fan of Sex in the City for awhile. I own a couple seasons and i'm just starting to watch them. Its strange but i'm 25 and my mom still doesn't think i'm old enough to watch them. LOL. i had to buy the dvds in secret. Seeing the poster was kind of like seeing a picture of Audrey Hepburn. The way SJP is just marching towards her future with not fear and total confidence and poise. I told myself "i can do that too." It was really what i needed at that moment. So i bought a bottle of water and settled back in to watch the movie. "Carrie On" indeed.
Being able to stare at Jake Gyllanhall for a couple hours didn't hurt either :P
The next day i went with a few girlfriends to see the Sex in the City movie. It wasn't too great plot wise. The clothes were amazing though. I think what i love about Sex in the City is the friendship the women have. They get together for lunches and always talk so candidly about their lives and love. Just recently I've re-established an old friendship and i've found i can really open up with her again. It feels nice. We have shared some same experiences guy-wise and it feels helpful to know the things i've done aren't shameful or as big mistakes as i first thought.
Other than that i've just been working alot. There is a guy that comes into the restaurant that i work at quite frequently. I haven't really had the chance to talk to him but i've looked quite enough :) Actually my guy friend was who pointed him out to me. He always told me he (the guy) resembled Edward from Twilight. He kindof does too but not too much. Now i have been dared to ask him if he is single. But now my guy friend (my ex's brother) is out of town so i have to work alot more. Also i have to work side by side with my ex... for 7 hours a day. this should be interesting.


  1. my mum wouldn't even let me watch friends for years x

  2. Just saw you followed my blog, so thanks! :)
    Love your blog, it's so fresh & honest!

  3. Thank you for following me :) I love your blog as well. Love how colorful it is!